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My Recommendations - items I loved after having a baby

My Breast Friend (if you plan on breastfeeding. the Boppy gave me no back support)

Baby Brezza (quick, easy machine that mixes formula and you can set the temperature)

Nipple Butter (for breastfeeding. I liked this much better than lanolin cream)

Shusher or Sleep Baby App (I used app on an old phone and used wifi)

Portable Sound Machine (I used this when I traveled in the car or in hotels)

Portable Pack n Play (compact and great for traveling as well)

@solidstarts (when starting solid foods. you can find them on IG and they have an app)

ezpz products (I bought the spoons and cup)

Babo Botanicals Products - (Diaper Rash Cream has 25% Zinc Oxide, Desitin has 40% if you need more. they also have a sensitive skin line)

Recommended Pelvic Floor Physical Therapists

Lotus Physical Therapy & Wellness - Cedar Knolls (I love that she also offers movement events and she has had babies so has experience giving birth, etc.  Check her out on IG @lotuspelvicpt)

Healing Mother Physical Therapy & Wellness - Morristown

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